As a seasoned designer with over a decade of experience, I have evolved from a graphic designer to a UX/UI designer and now, a digital agency owner and digital entrepreneur. My passion for creativity and entrepreneurship has always driven me to push beyond my boundaries and strive for continuous growth.

As a UX Director, I have developed a unique approach to integrating lean methodologies into design processes, resulting in increased efficiency and scalability of products. This approach has led to a 40% improvement in productivity for digital product development. My framework and processes have been successful in helping companies such as Barclays, Booking.com, and Pearson reduce design and development time and costs by 50%, resulting in faster time to market.

Through my company, UX Native, I continue to create digital products for clients while also sharing my knowledge and experience through various channels. In February 2021, I launched my Youtube channel where I share my story and provide valuable tips for designers and digital entrepreneurs. My goal is to reach a wider audience through various platforms including my personal platform uxlab.academy.

I am dedicated to helping others in any way I can, whether it be through my social media platforms or through direct assistance. As a designer or business owner, I am here to support and guide you in your journey.