Over 6 months, as UX/UI Design Lead, I optimized Barclaycards' credit card purchase process, boosting conversions through strategic user journey enhancements, intuitive interfaces, and engaging visuals.

The Challange

The project's challenge lay in enhancing the credit card purchase process for Barclaycards without unsettling user engagement or elevating drop-off rates, a critical consideration due to the website's high daily traffic of millions..

With utmost caution, I navigated this task by meticulously assessing and confidently implementing UI changes, ensuring each decision was well-founded before initiating tests or pattern alterations.


My primary strategy involved extensive face-to-face user testing and consistent consultation with the data analyst team. This ensured that every UX/UI change was data-driven, backed by rigorous statistics, and aligned with user preferences.


After a rigorous 6-month effort, we have achieved a remarkable increase of over 2.5% in the credit card application conversion rate.

This exceptional achievement translated into a substantial profit boost of more than £2million for the company. This exhilarating project's triumph owes much to my exceptional team of data analysts, whose invaluable insights and validation were pivotal in realising our success.


Conversion rate increase


Annual profit increase


Client satisfaction