Now a lot of people are doing this because the job market is not as stable as it used to be for our parents for example. Having multiple income streams means that you can make more money, invest more and maybe even retire earlier. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and I have to be honest that I am just at the beginning. I've just joined the wagon of multiple income streams and passive income.

I have 5 ideas in mind that I plan to do or am already doing. Let's have a look!

1.Share your expertise

I've started doing this about a month ago on the 6th of Feb, when I've posted my first Youtube video. I've also created an account on Skillshare recently and I will start posting there as well, so feel free to follow me!

I'll link my account down below, plus my link that you can use to join Skillshare.

You can use the link to get 14 days free trial and also I get a small fee out of everyone that signs up. Nobody is forcing you to do this, obviously, however, it will help my courses dearly if you do decide to use the link.

Now on both of these platforms and also others, you get paid per view. You create video content based on the knowledge you've already gained and used and share with the world. 
Yes, you do need a good camera, a microphone, and a good pc to edit everything, but most of the phones nowadays have a good camera and you can buy a mic and lights off of amazon (again I will link my gear down in the description for you to have a look). It takes a while until you get noticed on these platforms but once you do, you can benefit greatly from the exposure, and continue teaching and creating. 

2.Create and sell design templates

One of the most popular passive income strategies designers like to take advantage of is selling design files online. 

If you think about it, tons of non-designers actively seek ready-made templates for all kinds of needs. Think about creating design templates that are universally useful such as:

  • Presentations
  • Resumes
  • Website layouts
  • Business cards
  • Mockups

The list can go on. Upload and sell your design templates on popular marketplaces like Creative Market, Etsy, or Shutterstock to start bringing in some extra cash. 

This has been on my mind for a while and I plan to start a platform this year where I will sell our design templates, so stay tuned for that.

3.Sell custom design tools and assets

If you enjoy creating and using your own design tools? Well, chances are other designers will love using them too. Creative people love experimenting with new resources, so you might want to consider selling your own design assets to the creative community at large. Think about assets like:

  • Brushes
  • Fonts
  • Textures
  • Grids
  • UI Kits

If you're going to sell these kinds of assets, just make sure you market them effectively. Show your tools in action! Display design work you've created using your tools to get potential buyers excited to emulate the same look and feel. 

4.Create a Patreon

If you're someone who already creates content on a regular basis and loves engaging with your audience, you might want to consider creating a Patreon.

You can offer subscribers tons of valuable content and have fun getting creative with it! A few ideas include video streaming your process, writing helpful articles, or giving away design freebies. The options are endless!


I know this is a long shot at the moment, but it is something I am considering for the future. If you don't know what this is, have a look at one of my previous videos, where I go into details about this. (link the video somewhere).
Currently, in order to sell NFTs you need to pay a fee which is quite high, to join the blockchain. (You can read my NFT blog post to find more details about it).

I understand this fee might drop in the near future, so I am waiting for that before submitting any content. Nevertheless what is amazing is that you can sell anything digital, designs, doodles, art, pictures, animations, tweets, in as many copies as you like. 

One thing to know is that the fewer copies you sell the more expensive it's going to be because it's considered rare. 


Now that you know how to build passive and multiple income streams using your creative skills, get out there and see what works! It'll take some experimenting to see what catches on and successfully sells, so don't get discouraged if you don't earn a ton of extra income right away. Just have fun with it!

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