Back in the days, I was struggling at interviews, especially for my first job here in London. I applied for...wait for it, 200 design jobs before getting a Senior Designer role. 

I was nervous, my English was all over the place it was just a mess. At the 4th interview that I had, the one that got me the job, I was so desperate that I sat up with my hands on the table and told them that I might not know everything, but for damn sure I will learn it fast and work harder than any other guy that walks in through those doors. 

So Tom, if you're reading this, thank you for taking a chance with me and giving me my first job in this city. I will never forget that day.

So since that was my only full-time job here in London, I've started doing contracting and had to learn and improve on my skills to sell myself as a designer. 

Since then I've got a 100% success rate and got all the contracts and projects I've interviewed for. Now after 5 years I am here to spread a few tips that I am pretty sure will help you as well.

1.Dress to impress

I know it's tech, so you see a few people in full blaze suits in these companies, but still, you need to look presentable. Don't go to an interview in a Fortnight T-shirt, some ripped jeans and golden goose shoes (although that will be very funny).

Try something between formal and casual, maybe some dark simple jeans and a blue or white shirt with a T-shirt underneath. Also, go for a clean look. Nobody really wants to see your tattoos piercings or messy hair at work. 

Well, you get the gist of it. If not just search 'business casual outfits for men or women' on Pinterest and try to replicate one of those first 10 looks :)

2.The Portfolio

Not only do you need to look shiny but also your portfolio. For this I suggest a good design. If you don't know yet how to do this, use a template. Next, make sure your portfolio is up to date with all of your projects. If you have some old ones in there since you were just starting out, and you think you've outgrown them, make some space for new ones. 

Also, it's better if you have your own separate website as a portfolio, rather than to have it on Dribbble for example. It just shows people how serious you are about your work. 

3.Talk about your top projects.

Not only just showing them and saying how great these are. As I've mentioned in one of my previous videos, which I will link down below, you need to talk about the process, not only the final product. 

Talk about what was easy and was not that easy, whilst working on it. Also, tell them about the team, and most importantly, your contribution to the team. This shows them you are a really good team player, and you work well with everyone. 

4.Do your homework

And lastly, before you leave tell people you want to help their company. Tell them and even maybe show them that you are willing to help grow their company. Do a bit of research before and think of a couple of ideas that you think might improve their products or services. 

Also most importantly, don't forget to ask, why are they hiring you, what are they looking to get from you and how do they see you fitting inside their company. This puts things into perspective for them, because they will see that you've done your research and that you are ready to get this job!

So there you have it! Go home, practice and kill that interview!

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