So I'm going to show you 6 tips on how to stay creative! It helped me a great deal, especially because I need to be creative daily. 

Besides all of the new ideas that I need to generate for designs for clients, I also need to think about solutions to all the problems that pop up daily, either a technological problem, a design one or something happening with my business.

You see creativity doesn't help you only with your designs but also with your day to day problems. Having good creativity can help you out come up with creative solutions to your mundane problems, it also helps you come up with solutions to generate more income, buy that car you always wanted find ways to save money and so on.

And I know that some of you are looking at this blog post and be like....but Dennis I'm not a creative person I struggle to come up with ideas. And my answer to you my good friend is that you did not train your creativity. Creativity is not something you're born with is something you train, is like a skill same as you learn to drive or to use a hammer, the more you practice the better you become at it. 

I will go over the exact science in a later blog post where I'm going to explain more in-depth this topic but for now, let's go over my top 6 tips on how to boost up that creativity.

1.Break the routine

It's finally spring. You work from home, you have a system! Yes! But what if you could suddenly go out for a minute and buy yourself some coffee, or even better a cappuccino or something new and exciting to lighten up your day!

I sometimes do this in the morning, after I have my meetings, I go for a quick walk in the park. It helps me to think about something else other than work, and then I come back to my desk and take a look at my work with a fresh perspective. 

2.Clean and organise your workspace

I am not your usual clean freak however I've noticed that it help to organise and clean my desk a bit before starting a new job. My brain seems more relaxed. Probably because of the task itself, as it doesn't require too much thinking :). But either way, clean up that desk clutter and let the creativity flow come to you! 


It's OK to experiment. Try something new with your project. Listen to your gut and go for what hasn't been done before... your best work can spring up out of a hunch! 

Give it a whirl... you can always adjust later.

Do some crazy shit! Think outside the box and you will be surprised by how many new ideas you can get from this. Learn to re-become a child stop thinking with your adult mind...just remember that everything that we take now for granted like the internet, flying, space travel was once considered impossible and crazy. Please don't be that person who tells people to be realistic, realism is the worst limitation you can set yourself. Break free, start dreaming and experimenting.

4.Use colours to boost creativity. 

Colours have been known to enhance your mood and impact you're thinking. Go for the colour green when you want to be more creative and the colour yellow when you want to enhance your mood overall (which also helps your creativity). If you have a Philips hue or some led strips it doesn't matter switch up that baby to green and let the magic happen. You will be amazed at how well your body will react to different colour lights. 


Again I don't often do this, but that once a month helps me relax and decompress, and also if I focus on telling myself something like Dennis find creative ideas!!! These words somehow reach my subconscious and boom!

Just joking guys, but try it, it can't heart really! You can find a YouTube video to teach you how to do it for free, or you could download Calmly or Headspace and use it. Whatever works for you! 

6.Be creative when you brainstorm.

Sticky notes, colours, anything is allowed in this game. Whether you want to resolve a problem or think of an idea, try to be super unconventional in portraying your solutions on paper, or glass or whatever. 

Just try to change the usual workflow and you will see that it will help. What I usually use are coloured sticky notes that's my jam, I stick those things everywhere, windows, walls laptop ceiling, on my plant's, pets, you name it. 

So to sum everything up let's go over the 6 steps one more time:

1.Break your routine

2.Clean and organise your workspace.

3.Experiment and try new things

4.Use colour therapy to optimise those brainwaves


6.Unleash your restraints when you Brainstorm

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