First thing's first WEBSITE

I cannot stress this enough! You don't exist in 2021 if you don't have a website as a business especially if you are selling a product. Millennials, Gen Z, all the other Xs and Ys, and even baby boomers need to see a proof mark, and this is the website. Yes, some of them go on TikTok and Insta to get their confirmation, but ultimately they will ask this question: why don't they have a website? 

My electrician has a website for haven's sake, my friend's dentist has a Youtube channel, you get the picture. You need to get online and fast.

So when it comes to websites, you can either use a template or create a custom design, depending on the budget that you have. The custom design, which I strongly recommend, firstly because this is what I do and I don't want to lose my job, and secondly because of the competition. If you get a template and then other 100 people get the same template, it will show obviously. 

Again it depends a lot on your budget and also on what specifically you are selling. If you offer interior design services then I'd go for a custom design, if you sell candles and you are a small business, just starting out, then Shopify or any other template will do for now. 

For the custom side, you need a designer, who can also code if you are using a website builder such as EditorX or Webflow, or a designer and a developer if you are doing something from scratch and want a custom hosting solution. 

Next in line is a tracking system

Like Google Analytics and Hot Jar. A designer or a front-end developer can help you to link these to your website, platform or app. It shows you how many people visit your website, how many people exit in the first few seconds, also what pages do they visit most often. 

You can also track their movement through the website. This is good for the next part of this video which is Analysing and Iterating your digital product. I recommend, depending on the traffic, that you do this every 1-3 months. You need to get to know your target customer and see what lures him or her in on your digital product. 

See what pages they visit more often and make sure this has a clear flow for them and they can purchase easily and quick. The more obstacles they have, the less they will be interested in buying the product or the service, no matter how brilliant it is.

Because the digital space is continuously changing, you need to adapt your business as well, and for this, you need to think modular. This way it will be easier to change the design and functions over time, and also stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors. 

On the last stop is social media

Equally as important. As I've mentioned earlier this is where these new generations start looking for your business, so make sure they find you easily and they understand what the account is all about. 

This is another ball game and we probably need a few more videos to tackle this one, however even starting out on the main channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok, and post once or twice a week is way better than waiting for the right moment to start doing that. 

Also focus on quality content, like tips and trick, reviews, something valuable for your target customer. I know it's hard to have that unique thing about your business and product nowadays, however if you do have it, then you've won the lottery my friend and you must share it on social media as much as possible.

And one last thing: Start today! Don't wait any longer! We've discovered the internet 60 years ago, it's time to get online! 

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