New design trends appear every year and we as designers use them for our clients until they're overly used and the market is oversaturated. See! That's why new trends come up every year! As a designer with ten plus years of experience, I can provide an insight into this industry. Now let's begin.

1.Modern Minimalism

It's aesthetically pleasing to look at and has a streamlined user experience. There are no flashy features to distract visitors from achieving their goal, and it's easy for them to find relevant information on the website.

A few examples:

2.Dark mode and low light UX Web design

It's simply just modern, sleep, and sophisticated. The dark background allows you to highlight other design elements.

For OLED/AMOLED screens, it can even save battery power. 

It's also easier on the eye in low-light conditions.

A few examples:

3.Interactive web design

This UX web design trend has become extremely popular and it will continue to be at the heart of responsive web designs. 

Consumers spend more time on these websites because they interact with them. Unfortunately, this trend can be expensive to implement and also, quite time-consuming. 

A few examples:

4.Non-traditional scrolling

We've noticed more websites dabbling with different scrolling techniques for a unique user experience. Typical scrolling experience is, of course vertical. Horizontal scrolling it's a trend that's disruptive in a good way, catching user's attention while remaining simple and functional.

A few examples:

5.Innovative and interactive background design

Here, the user understands from the beginning what the website is all about, by simply looking at the background as it pops out. 

Also, the diagonal lines can create a nice path to encourage the user to keep on reading, but also drawing attention to the relevant information.

A few examples:

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