In this short blog post, we are going to discuss why 2021 is the best year to start your career as a UX/UI Designer or to start learning about Design. The competition online now is bigger than ever and the only way you can stand out from the crowd now in 2021 is through custom user-centred designs. So if you have ever thought about starting your design career or if you plan to grow your business online, then 2021 is the year when you should start taking design more seriously. 

Design is one of the few careers you can start without any sort of degree or previous training. So if you are looking for the best job for 2021 chances are UX/UI Design is on the top of the list.

Why is Design so important now in 2021?

This is the year 2021! We've gone through a pandemic, we are still here actually, everything is closed, roads are empty, big cities are silent! So what is going to happen next?

If we look back to 2020 we can see that everyone started working from home and for those less fortunate, working for companies that didn't have an online presence and the possibility to work from home efficiently, had been let go by their employers. 

Basically, 2020 jumped another decade and made all of our dreams of working from home possible. 

Let's be honest everyone wanted more flexibility and maybe working from home a couple of days a week before this. Most of us, especially introverts wanted to have less human contact, order everything online, from food to drinks, clothing and so on. 

It felt as if everything went from burnt out to slow pace, however not all the industries did that. The tech companies skyrocketed and their sales doubled or even tripled for the past year. All the companies acknowledged the need for digitalisation in order to sell their products and services but also to work with their employees.

So why is design so important in 2021? 

Because of this. Because of the need for more digital products, more custom products for everyone and every company that competes for your attention and your money. 

I mean think about what normal looked like back in 2019 and how it looks right now. My favourite bakery around the corner now not only does have an Instagram where they post the daily menu, but also a website, and I can even order in from Deliveroo and Uber-eats.

The last thing I remember in 2019 is that I had to get out of bed early morning on a Sunday in order to skip the queue and make sure I get my "pain au chocolat" and they don't run out of it.

The same thing happened for the other million small businesses that said "We don't need a website" or " we don't need social media". Only through design, you can identify as a brand this year, you can pop out of the crowd and get more sales in. Only with design you understand your user and how they interact with your product. 

Remember when as a kid you would buy some toy or game and show it to your friends and be cocky about it. Well, now same thing happens, only online. Kids and teenagers start buying NFTs like digital armour or clothing, so they can show off in the game to their friends.

Maybe in the future when you send your kid to a play date, he will probably still be in his room but with a headset on, in a virtual reality room, with all the NFTs you've bought for him or her to play with online. 

I know! Mind-blowing, but we are getting there. And thanks to Covid, it will happen sooner rather than later. 

Design is the only attribute that we cannot automate at the moment. It's hard to teach a machine to make custom design on its own right now. Thus why we still need designers to create innovative and user-orientated products, no matter the industry. 

So this is the time people! I can give you dozens of more examples of why this is the moment to become a designer, or invest in tech companies or learn a bit of design whatsoever, but I think you got the gist of it. 

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