This project extended over a duration of approximately 1.5 years, signifying a considerable and substantial commitment. As a pivotal member of a cohesive team comprising approximately 10 designers, our combined efforts led to a remarkable accomplishment within the company's accommodation sector – an impressive revenue surge of £44 million.

The Challange

For this undertaking, I was engaged under contract to collaborate with the accommodation team, with the goal of augmenting their revenue and refining their conversion rate within the accommodation sector.

The Bonus

During this period, I also successfully conceptualised and established a proprietary design system, which proved instrumental in reducing the timeline from design to campaign publishing by over 50%. This innovation significantly streamlined their marketing processes while maintaining a high standard of design consistency. Notably, the design system was successfully employed to launch major campaigns, including the high-profile Super Bowl campaign and the campaign featuring Idris Elba.

The Result

Undoubtedly, this project stands as one of my most successful endeavours to date. Over the course of 1.5 years, I orchestrated substantial enhancements to the accommodation conversion rate through astute UX/UI strategies. Simultaneously, I pioneered the development of an exclusive design system, resulting in heightened efficiency. Alongside these achievements, I cultivated valuable partnerships. Undeniably, this ranks as one of my favourite and most fulfilling undertakings.


Speed to market increase


Annual profit increase


Majour projects released