As the lead Product Designer, I spearheaded the ambitious project of revamping "Infliencer's" online presence. From the ground up, I orchestrated the construction of their website and internal platform, orchestrating a seamless and captivating digital transformation.

The Challange

In my role as Product Lead, I faced the formidable challenge of completely reimagining the company's online presence. Beginning with a meticulous revamp of their website and customer-facing aspects, we subsequently embarked on a methodical journey to enhance their internal platform, meticulously shaping a comprehensive and integrated digital ecosystem.

The Approach

My approach as a product lead was grounded in a methodical and user-centric strategy. I prioritised thorough research and analysis to deeply understand user needs and pain points. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I crafted a clear roadmap, ensuring a seamless transition from website enhancement to the intricate nuances of the internal platform.

I championed an iterative design process, continually gathering feedback and conducting user testing to refine every element. Throughout, I maintained a balance between innovation and practicality, weaving together cutting-edge design and functionality to deliver a transformative and user-focused online presence.

The Result

The outcome of my efforts was a resounding success, accomplished within an intensive six-month period of dedicated work. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders such as CEO Ben Jeffries, CTO Todd Manisl, and Caspar Lee, I meticulously designed and even coded the website using Webflow. This exhaustive yet exhilarating project not only transformed the company's online presence but also fostered a rewarding sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.