Throughout this project, my role was contracted to conceive and implement a proprietary design system aimed at expediting the company's design conceptualisation and testing processes. The primary objective was to enable rapid iteration and evaluation of designs, fostering increased efficiency and innovation.

The Challange

In my role as Product Lead, I faced the formidable challenge of completely reimagining the company's online presence. Beginning with a meticulous revamp of their website and customer-facing aspects, we subsequently embarked on a methodical journey to enhance their internal platform, meticulously shaping a comprehensive and integrated digital ecosystem.

My approach

To develop this distinctive design system, I embarked on a comprehensive process of deconstructing their existing design language entirely. Every component was meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring not only pixel-perfect precision but also a scalable foundation for future endeavours. This meticulous approach guaranteed that each element not only met immediate requirements but also facilitated seamless scalability over time.

The Result

Despite its formidable nature, the project emerged as an unequivocal triumph. The system I devised not only significantly expedited the go-to-market process but also empowered entry-level designers to craft remarkable designs with minimal design expertise. This strategic implementation not only resulted in cost savings within the design phase but also translated into reduced staffing requirements, underscoring its resounding success.


Proprietary design system


Design speed increase